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Kaleidoscope (Full Text) A Story by Ray Bradbury

In the Creative Writing Project module we created an anthology which reflects some of the knowledge we gained over the years and the improvements to our creativity on the page. The anthology will contain works by third year students, which could be anything from prose to poetry and everything in between. As head of management of the anthology editing process, I have been sent creative works by other students and have sent them to our editorial team, who in turn have edited the pieces.

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Even after managing the whole editorial side of the project, I have learned more and more about the non-creative aspects of being a writer. Communication is key and taking responsibility is very desirable. The longer ones, with their status of middle length, fall between the tautness of the short narrative and the expansiveness of the novel.

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There can be thematic variation too. The stories deal with fantasy, reality, alienation and the problem of choice in personal life. There are three short stories and two long ones in this section representing writers from five cultures.


A novelist, short- story writer and journalist, he is widely considered the greatest living Latin American master of narrative. Marquez won the Nobel Prize in Literature in His two masterpieces are One Hundred Years in Solitude , tr.

His themes are violence, solitude and the overwhelming human need for love. This story reflects, like most of his works, a high point in Latin American magical realism; it is rich and lucid, mixing reality with fantasy.

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    Beyond Writing: Kaleidoscopic - A Creative Writing Anthology

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