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Environment Sainsbury's supermarket is making a big change when it comes to shopping for fruit and vegetables This is part of their efforts to halve the amount of plastic they use by Crime The Bluebeard murderer: The Blackburn surgeon who murdered four wives Dr Clements, the man who killed his wives and took their inheritence. Lancashire News Updates: Major road closed after serious crash involving motorbike in Yealand Conyers Live updates from the incident. Burnley FC The heartwarming tale of an Aston Villa fan that will make you love Burnley's players even more Villa supporter full of praise for the attitude of Clarets stars.

Doing nothing and ‘being'

Top Stories. Bacup 'I was assaulted while trying to save someone's life in Bacup'.

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Lancashire News 'My wife faces a terrifying life-saving operation, but we're consumed by money fears' Johnny Meller, from Haslingden, and his wife Penny have launched a funding appeal as she faces specialist heart and lung surgery. Crime The Bluebeard murderer: The Blackburn surgeon who murdered four wives. Market Hall "Doing nothing isn't an option": Accrington Market Hall bosses outline survival plans A series of 'positive' proposals have been drawn up to boost footfall and attract new traders.

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And by keeping ourselves busy at all times, we may be losing our ability to sit still because our brains are actually being rewired. Mann said.

"Doing nothing isn't an option": Accrington Market Hall bosses outline survival plans

Sign up here for the Smarter Living newsletter to get stories like this and much more! But stopping the cycle of business can be challenging in a culture that prizes getting things done. Here are some tips to help you stop and be:. Bailey suggests.

The Power of Doing Nothing: Dave Duarte at TEDxUCT

The intention behind the decision is what counts. Kets de Vries said. Prioritize the things that are important to you and the things that bring you pleasure, and outsource everything else when possible.

Niksen is great for people who find meditation frustrating

Focusing on the truly relevant parts of life can help you build free time in your schedule. Choose the initial discomfort of niksen over the familiarity of busyness. Know that sitting still might actually be uncomfortable at first and might take practice — just like exercise. It might seem counterintuitive, but a cycle of constant action may end up encouraging a less productive cycle over time.

How Doing Nothing Helps You Get More Done

Doing nothing is a foreign concept to most of us. Become aware of your frenetic productivity.

The first step to shift any habit is to become aware of it. Schedule it in. Just like you put other tasks on the calendar, doing nothing can be scheduled in too. Schedule your work time and some space for doing nothing in your diary.

The Importance of Doing Nothing: Art of Relaxation

The idea of relaxing is different for everybody. Try meditating. Sit with the discomfort of chilling out.