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  1. 5 Foods That Might As Well Be The Fountain Of Youth.
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Real: Turning Lifestyle Ideas into Action. Are Your Joints Frightening You? Many people revel ….

Want to look and feel younger? Forgo the fads and start with what you put on your plate.

Anatomy Lesson: Types of Joints. By Dr. Molly Casey A joint is where bones meet. Joints allow movement and provide stability.

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Normal …. August 22, —The Joint Corp. Download your offer today and save!

Reason For Visit To improve my overall health and wellness I am experiencing back pain I am experiencing neck pain I am experiencing shoulder pain Other. What are eggs doing on a list of anti-aging foods, you ask. Turns out, probably not. Carrie Ruxton led a report compiling information about eggs , published in the journal Nutrition and Food Science. Nuts, like eggs, get a bad rap. The fear this time being that adding nuts to a diet increases weight.

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Kerry Torrens is a nutritional therapist states that in this quantity, you will get your daily dose of selenium. Brazil nuts can also improve thyroid function, by keeping it active. Your breath may not thank you, but your body will. Diallyl trisulfide is found in garlic oil and offers heart protection during heart surgery and after someone has suffered from a heart attack. Garlic has been shown to help lower blood pressure as well.

Numerous studies have pointed to the sweet treat as having protective properties when it comes to our hearts, some saying that consumption could even protect you from heart attacks and strokes. But one small study suggests that the compounds found in chocolate may prevent you from the sun's harmful UV rays. A 2 study had female participants drink a special mixture of hot chocolate every day with breakfast for 12 weeks.

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The chocolate mixture was especially rich in flavanols -- the equivalent in about three ounces of dark chocolate. Not only did hot chocolate drinkers experience less skin-reddening after sun exposure, their skin actually improved.

They were shown to have thicker, moister, and less rough or scaly skin than at the start of the experiment. Researchers say this could be due to improved blood flow as a result of the sweet's anti-inflammatory properties. Coconut oil. Supermodels swear by it, touting its hair-softening, silkening properties.

Fountain Of Youth: Remove Sugar From Your Diet To Stay Young

You can even cook with it -- some claims say it helps with weight loss. But when it comes to healing chronic dry skin , you can't beat this stuff. A study found that coconut oil is superior to mineral oil, a common ingredient in many body creams and lotions used by people with severely dry, itchy, flaky skin. Dermatologists say the oil has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent option for people with skin conditions like eczema. The high lipid content means it keeps moisture in and dryness out. Gotta love 'em.

Can You Guess Her Age? -- Raw Vegan Diet Is Woman's Fountain of Youth