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The signature dish of the great port of Liverpool and a staple for sailors during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is a plain dish but a good one, and was even popular with The Quality when they booked passage on merchantmen, as Janet Schaw attested in the s:. It is composed of salt beef hung by a string over the side of the ship, till rendered tolerably fresh, then cut in nice little pieces, and with potatoes, onions and pepper, is stewed for some time, with the addition of a proportion of water.

The Old Foodie.

This is my favourite dish: but scratch-platter, chouder, stir-about, and some others have their own merits. Andrews ed. Some recipes add about a cup of barley, which is transformative. The main difference is that it was prepared from salt fish like salt cod that had been soaked for at least a day in several changes of fresh water before boiling.

Lobscouse stew

I prepared some batches and found it to be quite good. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Savoring history's repast. Discovering flavors not lost but forgotten. Skip to content. Home About. Lobscouse Posted on March 4, by Jon Townsend.

Traditional North German Food: Lobscouse - Labskaus

Like this: Like Loading This entry was posted in 18th Century Cooking , Bread , Historic Cooking , Recipe , Video and tagged bisket , bread , lobscouse , ship's. Bookmark the permalink. Soak four thick slices of corned beef in fresh water for two hours.

Fry four slices of salt pork or bacon. In the fat fry four sliced onions a light brown. Place in a stewpan the beef, onions and pork or bacon.

Add a dozen sliced potatoes, cover with water and season highly with pepper. Cover and stew gently until the meat is tender.

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Then break into the stewpan four sea biscuits, cook for five minutes longer. The liquor may be thickened a little more with a tablespoonful of flour mixed with a little cold water.

Baked Beans - 18th Century Cooking Series at Jas Townsend and Son

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