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Allegedly, this idea —that one could alter time and space by magnetic fields— led to a number of experiments that allegedly gave birth to the infamous Philadelphia project —considered mostly a hoax. It is believed that Tesla worked on the idea of time travel, discovering amazing results along the way.

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The only thing we do know is that reports state that in , a witness found Tesla at a small coffee shop looking shaken and disturbed. His assistant claimed that Tesla was almost electrocuted by a machine as Tesla was trying to solve the time travel riddle. Regrettably, there are no documents —which we were able to find— to back up these claims. Tags: Science.

What a 127 yr old book reveals about Donald Trump time travel & Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla’s Amazing Predictions for the 21st Century

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Tesla Was Said To Be Hit By 3.5 Million Volts Of Electricity

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