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Events Spin Started. Balance Changed.

Strategy MMO Game

Spin Ended. Win History. Real-time Session - Spins.

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Atheist Skeptic Is No Match for God!

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    Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Courgette balls. Olympic games. A dog. A cat. A lion.

    A wolf. It depends on the situation I am in.

    Tower of God

    This ability allows you to look at the top three cards of your deck and choose one to put directly into your hand this turn. Note: Apprentices should exercise caution, at 4 mana, Discovery is only suitable when time is on your side. Not you. Mnemonic lowers the cost of your favorite incantation so you can get ahead of the curb.

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    At just 1 mana, you can speed up the game with cheaper spells, or efficiently bank any unused mana at the end of the turn. Either way you plan to play, this flexible ability will allow you to keep pace with any opponent. Fear not. Even the most adept scholars let their hair down.

    So, kick back, relax and heck, blow something up.