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Yours is a great question, Scot. Consensus science sees it, as you say, a benefit. But, what happens iffen when the consensus changes? And that may be fine when your talking about something as trivial as, say, psychiatry or the cause of ulcers. The mad scientists have got to find a way to keep their little science experiment to themselves.

Individuals should have the freedom to exercise the choice of whether or not they want to eat GMOs. Thank you for everything that you do…. I noticed a neat bit of displacement activity at 6. Nothing else. If you want to pay more for food that is no better and perhaps even less nutritious, that is your right, and nobody is preventing you from doing so. Just the different varieties of apples, corn, beans, tomatoes and potatoes is staggering ….

Do you not see a glaring difference? One is living within the bounds of creation, the other is attempting to become Creator. How many times have we been down this road? Genes from different species enter the genomes of other species all the time in nature. From hybridization to horizontal gene transfer, such recombinations have been an everyday natural occurrence for billions of years.

Please provide evidence that a salmon gene has been introduced into strawberries. I have no problem with so doing, but must admit to being unaware of this particular alleged genetic modification to commercially grown strawberries, or even in the lab. Now Leo, there you go making yourself look silly with your contradictory messes again. By your own admission Creation must be possible.

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A minor genetic tweak using, I believe, a corn gene can save a million people a year from blindness and death, most of them children. The introduction of vitamin A to ordinary rice is a simple, effective, economic and, as importantly, non-intrusive means of ensuring better health for the poor. The patent and technology have been donated by its inventor and the seed producers Monsanto? The cost is no more than conventional rice. Almost every industrialised crop you care to name has been genetically modified by man by selective breeding.

Wheat and barley stems are now much shorter than when I was young. It was a determined effort to shorten the growing period and increase yields by ensuring the energy required to grow them went into the useful part instead of long stalks.

Mostly achieved by decades of cross-breeding to find the ideal balance. But rewriting biology to suit Corporate Life TM is totally kewl, apparently. No worries, mate. Viruses invade the genomes of their hosts, so it does indeed happen all the time. About eight percent of the human genome is derived from viruses. The nucleus of eukaryotic cells might be viral in origin. Totally goofy. We ARE a creator and that is the only reason we live in relative comfort, wealth and personal freedom to a ripe old age unlike the short and brutish life of yore.

The separation of nature and man is a false one, but it is key to both traditional religious views of the world, and environmentalism. I think environmentalists should study some philosophy and maybe some psychology too to understand their control issues.

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Yes, we are creators, but we are also destroyers, as are all species. We can only muddle through, adapting as the environment changes, and trying to keep the earth as beautiful and habitable for our enjoyment, and for other species intrinsic value is a nonsense; all values are ultimately anthropocentric. Greenies tend to only see humans as destroyers, and fail to recognise that even if we had never existed, or if we cease to exist in the future, environmental cataclysms will no doubt continue to beset the earth; species will continue to evolve and then disappear.

Basically, the idea of a return to Eden is religious and mystical. I do think there are ethical reasons to minimise suffering to sentient creatures. How is GM different from the selective breeding which has given us all our domesticated crops and livestock, plus dog breeds? Transferring genes from one species to another also happens all the time in nature.

Horizontal gene transfer HGT has been one of the sources of genetic variation in all species. An estimated eight percent on average of the human genome comes from viral genetic material incorporated into our DNA over millions of years. More than that. In the recent past, scientists would expose seeds to known mutagens and then test the resultant plants to see if something useful developed.

How is that supposed to be better than carefully adding selected genes with known traits? And how is hybridizing wheat and rye fundamentally different from adding vitamin A to golden rice? Theo, yours is a dumb question.

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Kind of reminds me of the old addage when you argue with an idiot, then two idiots are arguing. Remains to be seen who is idiotic in this discussion. Calling a question dumb and its asker idiotic is not really a response, you know. If so, why is that dumb? There are lots of genetic processes in food production, just as there is genetic engineering in fighting diseases.

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For instance, how do you feel about golden rice, which is genetically modified to make vitamin A? As you may know, vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable childhood blindness. Half of all those kids who go blind die within a years of having done so. Now please kindly reply to my question as to which genetic modifications you find worrisome. Two kinds of GMO and several interbreeded potatoes were tested in a field in Flanders. In both cases the same genes from wild potatoes which do give resistance against potato blight were introduced.

It did cost many trials for the interbreeded potatoes, until the blight resistance was working and not too many unwanted genes were introduced or fortified like the gene for producing the highly toxic solanin, which makes many wild potatoes too toxic for consumption , costing in total about 10 years before the right mix was found for field trials. It did cost only one year to introduce only the wanted genes into known good potato varieties to obtain the blight resistance with GMO techniques. If there is any difference between the interbreeded and GMO potatoes, I am sure the interbreeded types would be more dangerous for health….

: Welcome to the oldest & largest comic book store in central North Carolina!

Good example. GM just does more quickly what selective breeding and hybridization have always done. Now that we know the specific genes desired, we can dispense with time-consuming breeding over generations. Instead of crossing the woolliest sheep for generations, we can find the wool length control gene and set it on the longest setting. Do you oppose adding the gene for vitamin A to rice? Do you object just to genetically modified food, or to genetic engineering in general?

How do you feel about the company Genentech, founded in to producte human proteins? Human insulin was genetically engineered in and insulin-producing bacteria were commercialized in Lots of other medicins, washing aids enzymes added to detergents , food producing and digestion aids,… nowadays are produced by bacteria thanks to genetical engineering.

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The lefties live in fantasy land driving only on emotion, and miss logic whereas you sciency people completely neglect the emotion when it is necessary to pull your head from your rears when it threatens your worldview. Pasquels theory on antibodies- the CO2 of modern medicine and vaccination.

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GMO- population reduction scheme, just like CO2. Causes infertility and cancer. There are far more bacterial cells in a human body than human cells, which, being eukaryotic, are of course larger. Eukaryotic cells themselves evolved thanks to endosymbiosis. And from the origin of animals, our ancestors always lived in a world of microbes.